I am the Light – Kiyoshi

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Inspiring the world with the power of positive music! – I am the Light – Kiyoshi

“I am the Light”

Life is a gift to all those few who may choose to receive
Sweeter than juice from mango fruit hanging loose from a tree
Just visualize this, like a lucid dream, you would agree
Complaining is of no use, Gratitude will heal you from disease
I got too many thangs to be thankful fo
Food, Family, and shelter, I Truly felt the way that my Faith has grown
Now my Heart is open
Followin all these omens,
My Golden Cup of atonement -Overflowing – in the present moment
And I’m – Expressing thanks like I won a Grammy
Feelin so Righteous- Like this sunny weather up in Cali (uh)
Supreme Love and Light’s what I spread
Like a butter knife up on Bread
Now they all Wonder why I’m ahead cuz my
Soul is set ablaze like a great fire
Inspiring so much, they call me Wayne Dyer  (yeah)
Glimmerin, flickering, coming from Michigan – Shining so bright
up in San Diego, Somewhat of an angel cuz I am the, I am the
I am the light that shines
Bright like the stars above us
I am the light that shines
Inspired by what we call love
I am the light (light) light (light) light (light) light (light)
Light (light) light (light) light (light)
I am the light (light) light (light) light (light) light (light)
Light (light) light (light) light (light)
2nd Verse
The same light residing in me is the very same light that’s residing in you
Curing your system like lemon and ginger for flus
pure and magnificent, it’ll improve what you do when you chill with you crew in the cut
like a volcanoe, I’m bout to erupt
cuz I feel A-drenaline runnin in my body and I cannot get enough
when I”m Turned up
lovestruck til the suns up but I trust
i gotta continue
ba-lan-cing all o’ my chakras
got all of the power
shinin like a dress shoe
White beautiful light surrounding (breathe)
feet are firmly grounded
Feelin heaven all throughout my body
and I gotta keep it going the moment I’m rolling fresh like a new Boughatti
Hot to hold
turning pots of gold
to small particles — so they melting
I’m  Bruce Leeroy, see boy got the glow
all around globe like magellan
Look at my face
shine like
Candy paint
Always -Captivate
never will I doubt
gotta give it out
all of this infinite POSITIVE e-ner-gy
3rd verse
I’ma tell you like it is right now
You could develop your own lifestyle
Spending every day up in your life looking high to the sky
whether you a mixed type, black, white, or a light brown
It don’t matter if you think you can’t
It’s all in your body homie, feel it in your hands
Everybody wanna get it like instagram
All around like a ceiling fan
Gotta grip that mic when I take that flight
Radiate like a lamp or an ocean light tower
Why bother with that white powder when you have power like ours  (pause)
Let it penetrate- like food in kitchens-it marinates
deeper within til you elevate
always up on time; it is never late
Gotta live that, flip that, light that shine that bright
That miraculous torch I hold
front to back, they don’t know how to act
When I rap, they catch that holy ghost
Can’t take that from me
So much light, turn a dark day sunny
Made up my mind like I’m making my money
See now they all love me and hug me cuz I am the…


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